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Stuff Up There is my personal site for stuff...up there. It is largely devoted to things that are up. Airplanes, rockets, planets, stars, deep space objects, and so on.

My intent is, eventually, to catalogue my various images, experiences, knowledge, reviews, and thoughts about these topics into one location. I do not expect or anticipate it will serve any significant purpose other than satisfying my own OCD about such things. If the reader gleans some benefit from these pages, all the better.

There is nothing fancy about this website. It was "coded" in TextPad. It uses ancient, often deprecated HTML syntax, and horrible evil things like tables and center tags. I design and build data driven web apps for a living...I really didn't feel like expending significant brainpower building another one at home. I view and check the site in Chrome as I go, and it works there, or it wouldn't be up. If it doesn't work in your browser, I'm very sorry to hear that. May I recommend Chrome?

I refuse to include an Under Construction GIF anywhere on this site. Just take it as a given that something is always under construction. If an internal link doesn't work, I know...I just haven't gotten there yet. If an external link is broken, I'm most likely unaware, so feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Now...stop wasting your time here. Go out side. Look up. There's stuff up there.

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Aviation Airplanes. Big ones, little ones, toy ones, real ones.

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